Hot Summer Hair: Four ideas

Summer is really here now – 27 degrees today – so here are some ways to wear the hair which look great and are practical in hot weather!

Going for a sun-kissed lighter colour is a good way to move your look into summer. The great thing is the sun is going to lighten your hair anyway, so you only need a little enhancement by a hairdresser and then you can let the sun do the rest.
A few highlight foils around the front of your face or some light balayage (hair painting with bleach/lightener) throughout will set you up well for the summer months. This also works well for men with longer hair.

Summer is the season when head scarves, hair bands and bandanas can make a great addition to a look, on shorter or longer hair. They are very multi-purpose: keeping the sun off, hair tied up and adding a splash of colour as well. There are some good selections available on the high street right now.
An eye-catching way to try it out on long hair would be to incorporate a scarf into a braid as one of the strands that is plaited – adding a fun twist.

Braided hair looks laid-back and stylish and is a great way to keep hair up and out of the way on hot days. Braiding hair is a fun skill to acquire, although it takes a little practice. The fantastic thing with braiding is that there are quite a lot of variations, meaning that the looks you can create are endless. Thanks to TV shows like ‘Vikings’, it’s catching on for men too. Braiding slightly damp hair is also a great way of getting a beachy wave and texture into the hair without much effort or heat styling. Braiding works best on hair which is not very straight and shiny – if it’s too slippery, a few blasts of dry shampoo help with grip. If you need some help getting started with this, there are a lot of great videos on youtube.

Au Naturel Curls

If you’ve spent winter blow-drying your hair straight and frazzling it with heat, now is the time to give it a break. Try experimenting with wearing your hair more in its natural state if that’s wavy or curly – the warm ambient temperature will help your hair dry more curly. Invest in some curl cream or mousse and a diffuser if your curl is a bit lazy. Use a hairdryer to blast dry the roots off a bit after washing if your hair takes a while to dry. Then work some product in and twist some sections. Leave to dry naturally or diffuse to get a tighter curl.