Totem Hair COVID Infection Control Policy

Carrying out hairdressing and barbering services carries a very small risk of bacteria, virus (including COVID -19) and parasite transmission. In order to minimise the risks to customers and the Consultants posed by the COVID virus, the following policy has been developed. Observance of this policy is required for all Totem Hair Consultants. This policy is part of the overall Totem Hair Infection Control policy which is being developed at present and replaces the previous policy on Infection Control/head lice. A full copy of the Infection Control policy is available on request.

At Totem Hair, we have always been hygiene aware and have undergone previous training on risk assessment and infection control as part of advanced National Vocational qualifications. We are taking this opportunity to update and improve our policies and training on all infection risks. Our policies will always take national and industry guidelines into account and therefore may be updated over time. We will inform you in advance of any changes.

These guidelines are based on the following resources:

  1. UK Government: Working Safely during COVID-19: close contact services:
  2. Hair and Barber Council: Back to Work Plan
  3. Hairdresser’s Journal International


Symptoms of COVID-19 (Source: 19 May 2020)

  • Fever (temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius)
  • A new continuous cough
  • Loss of taste and/or smell

Until further notice, the following policy to reduce risk of COVID infection applies. This is based on government and industry guidelines. Any change in this policy will be discussed with the HR/Facilities of host companies prior to a site visit.

For Totem Hair Consultants:

  1. All Totem Hair Consultants will wear a Totem Hair- supplied fabric or paper face-covering on host company property until further notice/agreement with host company. The fabric facemasks will be clean and washed after 1 day of use. During the haircutting services, Totem Hair consultants will also be wearing a plastic face shield in addition to the fabric facemask.
  2. Totem Hair Consultants will wear disposable aprons throughout the hair service and will change this for a fresh one for each customer.
  3. Totem Hair will supply all customers with a clean, laundered gown/cape supplied for their service which will not be used on other customers before it is washed at 60 degrees.
  4. Totem Hair Consultants are required to wash hands thoroughly with soap on entering the company premises, again before each customer, and before and after eating.
  5. Totem Hair Consultants are required to observe social distancing: avoiding face-to-face talking where possible, wearing a visor and face covering, not speaking loudly. If the visor is off, keeping a distance of at least 2m.
  6. No beard or moustache trimming can be carried out until further notice.
  • A ten minute buffer time for cleaning will be introduced between customers to enable sanitising of scissors, clippers, clips and brushes, chair with anti-viral wipes.
  • All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected at the beginning and end of the day
  • If any Totem Hair Consultants or members of their households develop any symptoms of COVID-19, they are not permitted to work, must seek medical attention/COVID test, and self-isolate for 14 days. They must inform Candice Zen and give contact details of recent customers they have had to government contact-tracing services.
  • Totem Hair Consultants are required to cancel all appointments if they feel generally unwell or have any cold-like symptoms.
  • Clothes worn by Consultants at work will be changed everyday.
  • Totem Hair Consultants will wear their hair tied back (if shoulder length or longer) and will keep nails short and without gel nails.  
  • Disposable gloves will be provided and are required when cleaning in between customers.
  • Consultations and conversations during the haircut appointment will be directed into the mirror and not done face to face
  • Totem Hair services will be kept as short a duration as possible to achieve the desired look for the customer.
  • Combs and clipper attachments are fully disinfected between customers with immersion disinfectant BARBICIDE. If it is possible to store some disinfection equipment at the host company (some jars and bottles), this would be ideal.

For Customers:

  1. Totem Hair requires all customers to wear a face-covering throughout their hair service (their own or supplied by their employer).
  2. Customers are required to sterilise hands with alcohol hand gel on entering the Totem Hair workspace.
  3. All customers are requested to have washed their hair with shampoo on the morning of or immediately prior to their hair service.
  4. Totem Hair requests that customers cancel their appointments if they feel unwell or have any COVID or cold-like symptoms. Refunds will be supplied if up to 4 hours notice is given. Customers are also requested to cancel their appointments as soon as possible if someone in their household has COVID symptoms.
  5. We request that customers bring as few belongings as possible and store coats and sweaters in their own bag.
  6. Consultations and conversations during the haircut appointment will be directed into the mirror and not done face to face.

Policy Approval:

This Infection Control Policy has been reviewed and approved by the following individual(s):

Name: Candice Zen Title: Founder and Lead Hairdresser-Barber

Date: 29 June 2020